How to Get a College E-mail Account

Students will receive a college e-mail account on the AXP Linux system when they register. Students can set up their e-mail password and use their e-mail online at

Documentation is available in a Help Sheet on the the Computer Help Desk web page

Employees (Staff, Faculty, and Adjunct Instructors)
Call Joyce Hoppough at 7467 and ask her to send you the application forms for an employee e-mail account. After your application is processed, you will receive an account on the Employee LAN, and a mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange Server. You can read your E-mail on Main Campus using Microsoft Outlook. From other locations, you can read your Exchange mail with a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) by going to the URL to reach the Exchange web client, Outlook Web Access.

You will receive documentation about using your LAN account and Exchange mail when your account has been created.

Types of E-mail (and how to read it)

Employees Only (Faculty, Staff and Adjuncts)
Exchange Mail
(with Calendar, Contacts, etc.)
AXP Student E-Mail
On Main Campus, use Microsoft Outlook to read your mail. The icon is on the desktop in offices, or on the Start menu in computer labs. Read on the World Wide Web at the URL
When not on Main Campus, use a Web browser* at the URL from any Internet system. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is part of the FLCC Exchange Server. Login will be requested after reaching the address. Student e-mail address consists of first initial plus up to 10 characters of last name plus added number if needed to prevent duplicates.
Employee e-mail address consists of 6 characters of the last name plus two initials For example,

* Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher

Modified 9/3/2006 by Kay Carlisi